Tipp Topp Marine


Exterior, Polishing & Waxing

To the potential customers of Tipp Topp Marine,
We have been in the area for over 20 years and have had a boat almost for the entire time. We have had to work very hard to find people in the boat industry that we could trust, i.e., that we could feel would do quality work at a fair price. It is an on going process. However it has been refreshing to meet and work with John at Tipp Topp Marine. He is extremely easy to communicate with. You can easily tell that he is experienced, loves boats and is interested in long term relationships with his customers. He recently detailed our entire boat, inside and out. The boat looks better than it did when we took delivery of it!!!!!!! We very much recommend him. –The Lockes

John Tipp was always on call, he knew how important my boat was to me and was always available.The turn-around was faster than I had expected, he had my boat ready for the weekend! I recommend Tipp Topp Marine to any serious boat owner in the Portland area. –Vinson Corbo, Local Boat Owner

Tipp Topp Marine exceeded all expectations. I already used their weekly washdown plan but thought I need to really give my boat a make-over because I thought it was time to trade up. The value he added far exceeded the cost, in fact, his rates were so fair I ended up utilizing more services than I could have with any other detailer and the quality was far above par. If you’re looking to sell or just want it to look like new, definitely give Tipp Topp Marine a call. –Benjamin Day, Multiple Boat Owner